Sunday, August 19, 2012

Creating Glass Art!

Yesterday my dear sister-in-law Justine treated me to a glass art experience where I got to make a piece of glass art with the help and guidance of an experienced glass artist.  What a wonderful experience and I have this beautiful piece of art glass to show for it.  Here are some pix  of the process:
 Here I'm selecting the color chips that will give my glass piece color and design
 The tray with the order of colors.  The darkest color shown here is a translucent amber when it's in the glass.
 This is my instructor, guide and glass blowing guru Billy showing me the first step with the molten glass which includes constant turning.
 Billy is guiding me here in picking up the colors on the tray and attaching to the glass.  This will occur several times between the glass going in the "glory hole" and picking up more molten glass.

  •  Here the glass is being rolled in a wooden form
     I'm blowing in the glass as Billy turns it
     Here's the finished design coming out of the "glory hole"

    Here's the glass before it's removed from the stick and a "foot" is placed on the bottem and placed in the oven for the cooling down process.

    24 hours later my finished piece!


    1. Judy that is so awesome and looks like a great time!! Thank you for sharing pictures :-)

    2. Judy! Amazing!

      I just showed Kyle and he is very jealous. He wants you to know that orange is his favorite color!

    3. Oh Judy, this is absolutely amazing!!! This looks like a wonderful creative outlet :) What a fun day you were treated to (I would LOVE to do something this fun!) and a stunning creation you made - it will be nice to look back on that and enjoy it as you cherish the memories that went into making it! xoxo

    4. What a great pictorial! Um, you kinda look like a bonified glass blower....just sayin'! Super fun day and great experience/project.

    5. This is AMAZING!!! I sooooo want to go do this!! What a fun experience and thanks for sharing all of it with us!

    6. Judy, That is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. What a wonderful piece.

    7. Oh you are so lucky. I would love to try my hand at this. It turned out just beautiful. Did I hear you were my secret santa?

    8. WOW!!! This truly is a gorgeous piece, Judy! It looked like you enjoyed the process, too!

    9. Judy this is such a lovely piece of art! What an incredible experience for you also. Very fun and thanks for sharing it with all of us.

    10. WOW! What a gorgeous piece and it looks like it was so much fun to do. I'd love to try that sometime and if I ever get the chance, I WILL!! I just love the colors and how they've swirled together so beautifully! Remarkable!!